The band needs a lot of volunteers to operate smoothly. Plus it’s always fun and rewarding. If you have any interest or questions, send and email to any of the groups below.

Secure Volunteer: All Band volunteers must be registered as a Secure Volunteer through FMSD: Please click on the link to complete the form:

Hospitality: Assists with feeding the kids for practices, before football games and competitions. [email protected]

Pit Crew: Helps build props for the competitions, help stage the props for the shows, and helps with any sort of maintenance needed. [email protected]

Uniforms: Help the students get fitted at the beginning of the year, as well as organizing and maintaining the uniforms throughout the year. [email protected]

Chaperones: Accompanies the students during any activity (football games, band camp, competitions, etc.) and helps with any issues. [email protected]

Panthers Stadium Concessions: Help raise money for the band by working at the Panthers Stadium Concession Stand for NFL Games, College Football Games, Soccer Games, and Concerts. [email protected]

Indoor Competition: Every March Catawba Ridge High School hosts an indoor competition for guard and percussion. Many, many volunteers are needed for this one day event. [email protected]