The Catawba Ridge High School Band is much more than just a music program – it is a place where lifelong friendships are made. Students are provided a community where they can find camaraderie and connection – things that are becoming more and more difficult as the definition of “relationship” changes over time.

While the experiences and opportunities made available to each person are invaluable, they do cost money. Band families pay an annual fee to help cover the costs of these experiences, but financial limitations should never prevent a student from experiencing the joys and growth of a band experience.

In 2022, the Rick Weslock Student Hardship Fund was officially established. Rick served as CRHS Band Booster President from 2020 – 2022, and he contributed greatly to the establishment and growth of the Catawba Ridge band in its initial formative years. Rick also believes strongly in the power of music and band to change kids’ lives and give them a place to belong. To honor that belief (and his years of service), the Student Hardship Fund was established in his name. Here is an excerpt from the official announcement of the Fund:

Rick has worked tirelessly for countless hours, ensuring that our kids and our program had what they needed. We welcomed new band directors [in 2021], and this easily could have been a more challenging transition, but Rick was integral in making it as smooth as it was.

When thinking about what we could do to honor Rick for his years of service, we wanted to give him something special, something meaningful. Something that would resonate deeply with his core values, and we think we found it.

The CRHS Directors will manage this fund to help band families who may need assistance paying band-related fees. We have found a sponsor willing to provide seed money and match donations to get the fund started…No child should ever miss out on the opportunity to be a part of this fantastic program because of money.

Caryn Rich, 2022

If you would like to help ensure the availability of music education for less-privileged students, you may contribute to the Student Hardship Fund here:

The following is the process for being awarded funds from the Student Hardship Fund:

Ground Rules

  • There shall be confidentiality from all sides, student, parent or guardian and the Band Director or any Band Board Member approached
  • Parents or Guardians must demonstrate hardship.
  • Approved funds may not cover 100% of the Band Fees.
  • The percentage of funds allocated to the student / family account will be based on:
    • Hardship,
    • Availability of funds,
    • Availability from the student / family to participate on Band sponsored fundraising activities


  • Parents or Guardians:
    • Fill and submit the CRHS Hardship Form that shows Hardship
    • Band Director (Mr. Butler) will setup meeting to discuss application with Band Family
  • CRHS Band Director (Mr. Butler)
    • Meet with family to discuss hardship.
    • Determine if hardship funds are approve or denied.
      • If approved, meet with Charms Coordinator and Band Board Accountant to verify available funds, assign percentage and transfer of funds.
    • Reach out to parents or guardians to communicate decision made.
  • Charms Coordinator and Band Board Accountant
    • As per current process, report account balances.

Assignment of Funds – Upon Approval of Funds

  • The CRHS Hardship Fund can match dollar by dollar for:
    • Any fund raising activity the student / family participates in.
    • Any payments the student / family pays towards Band Fees.
  • If student / family has limited opportunities to participate in fundraising, additional Hardship Funds could be released pending approval based on discussion with Band Director (Mr. Butler).